Cognitve Tutor for Gene Adjacency

Daniel Nkemelu,  Prof Ralph Isokpehi , Angela Makolo (PhD)

With the proliferation of simple and complex bioinformatics tools, there is the need to teach bioinformaticians, researchers and biologists how to use these tools. Tutoring done by humans is widely believed to be a very effective form of instruction and experimental work confirms that expert human tutors can produce extremely large learning gains. However, with recent advancements in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, computers have become untiring, flexible and economical alternatives to expert human tutors. In recent years, cognitive tutors have been employed to help tutor people and the gains have been largely significant.

This project is concerned with the application of Cognitive Tutoring in the use of bioinformatics tools. A graphical user interface is designed to host the tutor, the cognitive tutor is then configured to determine the flow of tutoring and afterwards set up on a bioinformatics tool using the Gene Adjacency Program designed by the University of Ibadan Bioinformatics Group as a case study. This is then tested with real data.The result of this project is an extended version of the Gene Adjacency Program with an embedded cognitive tutor. This system would help to teach new users, assist bioinformatians to efficiently use the tool and make sense out of its result